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Zdalnego Bezprzewodowy gamepad do kontrolera gier

#товара: 10098764015

Все товары продавца: Margot-J

Состояние Новый

Счет-фактура Не я выставляю счета-фактуры

Вес с индивидуальной упаковкой 0.082 кг

Материал Plastic

Powered by 2*AA battery (not included)

name Счет-фактура

name Не я выставляю счета-фактуры

label Дополнительные параметры

name Материал

name Plastic

name Powered by

name 2*AA battery (not included)

Количество 20 штук

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    Easy and convenient to operate.

    Works as a combination of a remote control. Powered by 2*AA battery (not included).

    Smaller, lighter and more beautiful compared to the old remote control with motion plus add on.

    High quality controller is an indispensable accessory to the exciting gaming experience.

    Vibration feedback allows you to experience the noise of hits, accidents and explosions on the screen, which makes each impact feel like you are on the battlefield.

    Fits perfectly for Nintendo Wii console.


    Type: Wireless Gamepad

    Material: Plastic

    Quantity: 1pc

    Color: Blue

    Powered by: 2*AA battery (not included)

    Item Size: 14.9*3.7*3.1cm / 5.9*1.5*1.2"(L*W*H)

    Net Weight: 82g / 2.9oz


    1*Wireless Gamepad

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