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Age of Sigmar Everchosen Varanguard Knights

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    Age of Sigmar Varanguard

    This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble three Varanguard Knights, sinister champions of Archaon. Each knight rides a daemonic steed - a barely-recognisable, twisted mutation of a horse covered in brutal armour. The kit comes with a hammer, an axe, a sword, three spears and three shields, six heads (three bare, three helmeted) and six shoulder pads - your emissaries of Archaon will look exactly as harsh as you want them to!

    111 components in total, with three included Citadel 75x42mm Oval bases.

    Zestaw zawiera plastikowe modele, które wymagają samodzielnego złożenia i pomalowania. Zestaw nie zawiera kleju ani farb.

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