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Clinging to the Wreckage John Mortimer

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Название Clinging to the Wreckage

Автор John Mortimer

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    Clinging to the Wreckage

    • Autor: John Mortimer
    • Wydawnictwo: Penguin Books
    • Rok wydania: 1984 (reedycja)
    • Oprawa: Miękka
    • Format: 130x197 mm
    • Objętość: 224 str.
    • Stan: Bardzo dobry. Nowa (książka może posiadać delikatne przytarcie oraz niewielkie zagniecenie)
    • ISBN: 9780140068603

    In this spirited memoir John Mortimer, an esteemed barrister as well as novelist, playwright, and journalist, relates all the paradoxes and pleasures of his double life.

    With wit and style, Mr. Mortimer takes you from his unusual childhood (his father, a blind barrister, insisted that his wife read the sordid details of his divorce briefs in public) to the dilemmas of his life as a barrister (one of his clients indignantly declared, "Your Mr. Rumpole could have gotten me out of this, why the hell can't you!").

    Filled with laughter and a sense of the absurd, , Clinging to the Wreckage makes it clear why John Mortimer has been called Noel Coward, P. G. Wodehouse, and Evelyn Waugh rolled into one.

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